SPACES AVAILABLE FOR PRE SCHOOL, RECEPTION AND YEAR 1 CHILDREN. Please email Steve on or call us on 01934 404555 for further details.



Thank you to all of the families who came to visit for our school tours. It was so lovely to share our ethos, values and practise with you all and to show you our fantastic and calm learning environment. The deadline for admissions for Reception 2019 was 15th January 2019. Any late applications must be sent to North Somerset council.

We still have spaces for pre school, reception and year 1 children for 2018-2019.

Please give the team a call on: 01934 404555 or email us at: We would love to meet you and show you around! We have lots of great plans to share with you as well as lots of exciting learning resources.


Headteacher Welcome: Steve Davis

Steve helicopter.png

Welcome to Parklands Educate Together Primary Academy. The school will be opening in September 2018 for Reception pupils on a temporary site next to the location of the permanent school building. This will open in September 2019. My name is Steve Davis and I am proud to be the school’s first headteacher. I look forward to putting Parklands ET Primary at the heart of the community and providing a great learning environment for all its pupils and the wider community. I have a long career in education which includes working at five different schools and being a headteacher in two North Somerset schools. I am excited by the unique opportunity to establish a new school. The school is part of the Educate Together Academy Trust which has a long history of providing high quality education for the communities it serves.

Educate Together schools follow a unique ethical curriculum. The key principles which underpin this will enable us to create a learning environment that nurtures children and help them to develop the skills, understanding and attitudes which they will need to thrive in our increasingly diverse and globalised world. Parklands will be an equality based school where no child is an outsider and we learn together to live together. Every child and member of our school community will be valued and respected equally: we seek to develop the whole child, to foster their unique individuality and to enable children to take ownership of their own learning.

Our ethos

Educate Together affirms that:

1)   Children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds have a right to an education that respects their individual identity whilst exploring the different values and traditions of the world in which they live.

2)   Parents are entitled to participate actively in decisions that affect the education of their children.

and commits itself to:

3)   Support the establishment of schools which are,

Equality based i.e. all children having equal rights of access to the school, and children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds being equally respected,

Co-educational and committed to encouraging all children to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities,

Learner-centred in their approach to education,

Democratically run with active participation by parents in the daily life of the school,  whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers.

More information on the Educate Together ethos can be found in our booklet, What is an Educate Together School?