Welcome to Hummingbird class

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Our Class Teacher is Nicole and our Teaching Assistant is Charlotte.

We welcome our children into Parklands ET and look forward to building links with our families and the local community to give the children many exciting learning opportunities throughout their first year in our school community. In Reception, a large part of our learning is through play. To find out more about the EYFS curriculum visit our National Curriculum page.

We will update this page regularly with photographs, work and exciting events that take place in Hummingbird class!

Our daily timetable

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Autumn 1 topic web

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Balfour Beatty - Site visit

Hummingbirds were very lucky this morning. We had a construction site visit with Balfour Beatty who are working on the new road by our school. Kate and the team were fantastic! We learnt all about the different machines and even got to sit on the roller!!! We were all stunned into silence looking at the huge dump truck and excavator. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and show us around.

Spring 2

Measuring weight… using chicks!

Year 1 enjoyed their maths lesson on standard measure for weight today. We tried to weigh three of our chicks using grams and the balancing scales. Some predictions were very close! The chicks really enjoyed hopping in and out which made for a very funny maths lesson!

A visit from our Community Police Officers

Hummingbird class had a lovely surprise this afternoon. Our local community Police Officers Aisha and Dave came to talk to us about their roles. The children loved trying on the uniform, looking at the body camera and the highlight was definitely exploring the Police car! Thank you so much Aisha and Dave for a very exciting afternoon!

Ethics and the Environment - making our outside space more mini-beast friendly!

As part of our topic and our Ethics and the Environment Learn Together strand, we have been thinking more carefully about our outside space. We went on a mini beast hunt outside and couldn’t really find any. We looked at different bug habitats and started to think about ways to improve our outside area. Luckily, we are surrounded by so much green space so we went looking for loose natural materials. Once back at school, we decided it would be good to start planting different types of grass and flowers to encourage bees and bugs onto our playground. Next, the children decided it would be good to have a vegetable patch to start growing our own food. Finally we thought about ways to encourage different birds onto our grounds. We then spent the afternoon making bug hotels and bird feeders. We can’t wait to start planting in the next couple of weeks!

Counting….. with chicks!

Pre school really enjoyed their number time today. The children needed to carefully count how many chicks were in the brooder box and then close their eyes. Whilst their eyes were closed, Charlotte sneakily took some of the chicks away. The children needed to use their knowledge of number to work out how many chicks had been taken out of the brooder box. Tomorrow the children will represent this using tens frames.

Chick holding

Today was the day that Hummingbird class had been patiently waiting for! The day our 9 little chicks were strong enough to be held by little hands. The children came up with a list of important things to remember whilst holding the chicks. Everyone then did some fantastic writing about how the chicks felt. Some of the chicks then joined us on the tables whilst we did observational drawings and labelling. The year 1 children looked at the similarities and differences of chicks compared to humans. Not a bad way to end a Monday :)

World Book Day

Hummingbird class had a great day on Thursday, celebrating World Book Day. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and we enjoyed spending the day reading different books, celebrating our favourite stories and doing reading based activities. Steves sister, Carol, a publicist in London, kindly sent us some more books from her company! The children get so excited by new, interesting stories and it was lovely to share some of these. We also made our own bookmarks, created our own stories, designed front covers and created our favourite characters using mixed media. There were also lots of opportunities throughout the day to D.E.A.R (Drop everything and read)! Thank you to everyone for your amazing efforts in celebrating this day with us!


This week has been super exciting as we had 10 chick eggs delivered. We have spent the week learning about the lifecycle of a chick, the hatching process, what they like to eat and how to look after them. We all made predictions on how many boys and how many girls we would have by the end of the week! The children learnt that girl chicks are brown and the boy chicks are a lemon/white colour. It has been wonderful to watch the chicks hatch and change daily and we can’t wait to be able to hold them on Monday!! Unfortunately, one of the eggs did not hatch but we were very lucky and fortunate to have 9 healthy chicks by Friday. We discussed the reasons the 10th egg might not have hatched and have decided we would like to bury it in our playground on Monday morning. We can’t wait to have another week with our new fluffy friends - unsure if the parents and staff are more excited than the children?

Pancake day

The children really enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday and where ‘pancake day’ originated from. We discussed Lent and why some people choose to give up something for 40 days. The children discussed what they would like to give up for Lent. We then spent the morning making delicious pancakes and used different tasty toppings! Lots of smiles today. A big thank you to Sherry for bringing in the ingredients and helping us make them.

Spring 1

Bristol zoo

Hummingbird class had a fantastic day on the last day of term on our first ever school trip to Bristol zoo. We really enjoyed the jungle boogie workshop - some of us even held a hissing cockroach and touched a Madagascan stick insect! The sun was shining and we had so much fun looking at all of the animals - it was great to share some of the facts we have learnt this term. The staff could not have been more proud of the children and how they represented our school!

Chinese New Year

What a fantastic day we have had! The children have loved celebrating Chinese New Year today. We started the morning off by answering the register in Chinese, followed by writing our numbers to 10. We then split in to 4 groups and spent the day doing a carousel of activities. The children had a great time; making dragon masks, writing their name in Chinese, making lanterns, decorating pebbles to look like pigs, making Chinese fans, playing maths games on the IWB and decorating special envelopes for gold chocolate coins. Tomorrow we will share fortune cookies and we can’t wait!

Dear Zoo

Hummingbirds class have really enjoyed working on the book ‘Dear Zoo’. The children decided what pet they would like from the zoo and wrote persuasive letters. We were very surprised to receive a special box from Bristol zoo - we all had so many guesses on what animal it was going to be! We weren’t allowed to open the box until we researched how to look after the meerkat. The children wrote fact files containing information on a meerkats habitat, food, social traits and what they look like. Everyone was really excited and began making the perfect environment for the meerkat to live in. Unfortunately, the next morning…. the meerkat had escaped! All that was left was a banana skin and some footprints. The children have been very worried - especially in this cold weather. Luckily, the children knew exactly what to do and requested we ring the police and ask them to send through some missing posters. Fingers crossed we find him soon…

Martin Luther King Jr. day

Today in Hummingbirds class we have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr.. Nicole gave all of the girls a special marble. If you had a special marble you were allowed to sit on chairs, have extra playtime and choose activities first. If you didn’t have a marble - you were ‘not special’ and had to sit at the back, away from the children with the marbles. This made lots of the children feel really sad. The children with the marbles felt really happy and didn’t care that their friends didn’t get the same treatment. Nicole then took the marbles back and gave all of the children with blonde hair a special marble - these children were now the most important. Some children were really happy to now have a marble and didn’t think about how they felt beforehand. We had a big discussion about equality and treating people fairly. Everyone agreed that Nicole was not being fair but also understood that they didn’t try to make it fair either. We then watched a video called ‘The Sneetches’ by Dr Zeus and then discussed the work of Martin Luther King Jr.

The children made Portraits of Martin Luther King Jr and thought about what they would like to change for the future.

Where the wild things are

Our focus story for the last two weeks has been ‘Where the wild things are’. We thought about the different types of Wild thing from the story and then Year 1 and Reception planned and created their own ‘Wild things’. The children thought very carefully about the features they wanted to include and then had to try even harder to create a similar version using different mixed media. The children have used some fantastic adjectives to describe their Wild things and this week they have been working on a character profile for them. How fantastic!

Obstacle courses

The Pre-school children have had lots of fun so far this term, making different obstacle courses outside. They have had to find different ways to travel across the different obstacles.


Elf party

Hummingbirds class enjoyed their class party this afternoon. We all made Elf hats and ate some lovely food! We enjoyed dancing around to Christmas songs and had a great time!! :)

Lunch with Locking Primary

The staff and children all had a lovely lunch time today. Locking Primary school very kindly invited us all over for Christmas lunch. We enjoyed a yummy turkey lunch followed by brownies and ice cream. The children loved their Christmas crackers - the fake moustache was a firm favourite..

Nativity performance

Wow! Wow! Wow! The children have absolutely blown us away this week with their performances of ‘Shine, star, shine!’. All of the children did such a fantastic job with learning and saying their lines, acting and singing our songs with Makaton actions. Before our first performance, some of the children were saying how nervous they felt, by the end of the first performance, everyone felt amazing and super proud of themselves and each other. I think we might have some future performers in Hummingbirds class!! It was lovely to see our mixed class of 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds work come together to produce something so fabulous. Well done all :)


Everyone in Hummingbirds has enjoyed our winter themed provision this week - lots of fun learning through play!

Stories around the Christmas tree

A huge ‘thank you’ to all those who were able to join us for our first Parklands ‘stories around the Christmas tree’. The children all looked so warm and cosy in their PJs, dressing gowns and blankets. We really enjoyed reading and sharing Christmas stories whilst enjoying a hot chocolate and a cookie. It took the adults a long time to put all of the lights up but it was very much worth it. What a lovely end to another great week!