The school

Parklands Educate Together has an Academy Development Committee (ADC) comprised of parents, staff and community representatives offering their skills to help develop and shape the school for the community. 

The ADC works alongside the Trust and the Head to ensure that the school delivers a high standard of education and meets all of its statutory responsibilities.

Elections will happen annually until the school reaches its seventh year, after which elections are done on a rolling basis every two or three years. At this stage the Board may decide to delegate some responsibility to the Committee, as a sub-committee of the Trust Board. 

Our Shadow Council Members are: 

Nicola Miller (Chair-community representative) Nikki Hamilton (community representative) Peter Lacey (community representative) Nicole Ackland (teacher representative) Steve Davis (Headteacher) Katie Green (support staff representative) Trish Phillips (parent representative)

If you would like further information please contact us on 01934 404555. 

To view a copy of our funding agreement please click here.

The Trust

Parklands Educate Together is one of four schools in the UK's Educate Together Academy Trust. 

The Trust is a charitable, non-profit organisation run by a voluntary board of Trustees. The Board is legally responsible for all Educate Together schools. 

Further details about the Trust governance structure and our Trustees can be found on our Trust website.

Educate Together Academy Trust Financial Statements can also be viewed here.

Public Consultation: To finalise a funding agreement with the Department for Education, Educate Together is required to complete a public consultation. Woe would like to thank everyone who took part in both phases of the consultation. The report is now available here.