Parents & Community

As part of our commitment to being run democratically, Parklands Educate Together is always looking for ways to collaborate and share our experiences with families and the local community.

In the year ahead we will be holding a number of events to ensure everyone feels welcome at school. There will be coffee mornings for parents to drop in and have a chat, ‘back to school’ evenings for parents and carers to hear about the year ahead from their child’s teacher, SEN events for those with children with additional needs plus celebrations of work where you can come in and see what the children have been doing.

We welcome volunteers in to school, and so if you can offer us any of your time please let your child’s teacher know. We need to undertake safeguarding checks, which can take a few weeks, and so the more notice the better.

You can always get in touch by calling the office on 01934 404 555 or emailing