Welcome to Parklands Educate Together Primary Academy.  We are a new school with our first Year 6 class this academic year. We are fortunate to have state of the art  facilities and look forward to welcoming you to our school at the heart of this growing community, providing a great learning environment for all its pupils and local groups alike.

Educate Together schools follow a unique ethical curriculum. The key principles which underpin this will enable us to create a learning environment that nurtures children and help them to develop the skills, understanding and attitudes which they will need to thrive in our increasingly diverse and globalised world.

Parklands is an equality based school where we learn together to live together,following the national curriculum but also our own bespoke Learn Together curriculum. Every child and member of our school community is valued and respected equally: we seek to develop the whole child, to foster their unique individuality and to enable children to take ownership of their own learning.

Jeremy Hughes,

Head Teacher