At Parklands, we provide a varied and enjoyable History Curriculum which is high quality and inclusive in its nature. Staff have high expectations of all children and challenge them to progress through the curriculum and to achieve high standards in History.


Our subject based approach, in line with the National Curriculum, forms the basis of our History teaching, allowing all children to develop a range of skills, including:

  • Questioning,
  • Analysing of artefacts and historical objects,
  • Study of chronology and timelines,
  • Research methods,
  • Empathy.

Alongside these skills, children also develop an understanding of their place in time, with a focus on developing an understanding of when events happened and what was going on elsewhere in the world at the same time.  Children also get to investigate the History of their local area and develop an understanding of how the country they live in developed over time.


Children will learn:   

  • How they are ‘Historians’ and can make a difference to the world around them.
  • To enjoy the subject, appreciate the world around them and understand how and why History is important. 
  • To value the importance and relevance of History in our everyday lives. 
  • To understand the skills of being a Historian and be able to apply them to different situations. 
  • To be able to use their own opinion and ideas when investigating topics and understand how and why people made decisions which led to specific events in time. 

Learning is enhanced by visitors or trips wherever possible.

History Progression Document 2022