At Parklands, we provide a high quality, inclusive and enjoyable Maths Curriculum. We have high expectations and aim for all children to progress through the curriculum and to achieve high standards in maths. Our approach, in line with the National Curriculum, forms the basis of our Maths teaching and allows all children to use a range of resources, reason mathematically, make connections to develop fluency and apply their knowledge to real-life situations, in a range of contexts. We use the White Rose scheme alongside mastery materials from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM).  This system is sequenced to allow progression from one lesson to the next; prior knowledge (from the previous year / lesson) is discussed and checked to ensure the children can retrieve key information required for new learning. We aim for all children to build on their learning in logical steps leading to them knowing and remembering more.  


Children will learn:   

  • To enjoy the subject and appreciate what mathematics is, what it involves and why it is important.  
  • To appreciate the importance of mathematics in our everyday lives.  
  • To understand the underlying principles of mathematics, and be able to apply them to different situations.  
  • To be able to use and apply maths confidently, in mental, investigative and computational settings.  


Years 1-6 can be found on the White Rose website:

This provides a lot of information for parents & carers, as well as the different strategies used at school.